Linux Programming Raspberry Pi

Wheezier, squeezier.

I’ve put Raspbian Wheezy onto a separate SD card, having been running Squeeze since I received my Raspberry Pi several months ago. Once I’d dd‘d the filesystem onto it from the downloaded image, I mounted it on my main Linux desktop, and edited /etc/rc.local to start lcdinfo, which I copied across as a binary, and lo and behold, after unmounting, putting the card in the RPi, and giving it power, it booted and the LCD worked. Excellent.
Now for some testing…

Electronics Programming Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi plus Hitachi HD44780-compatible LCD using GPIO

It’s not listed on the microcontrollers page, because I class it way outside the embedded category, though within “small computing”, but I also own a Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi plus Hitachi HD44780-compatible LCD