I’m Phil Bambridge, a software engineer in the Office for National Statistics, and previous to that, a computing lecturer in the higher education department of the City of Bristol College, of Bristol, UK.
I’m experienced, and interested, in Linux systems administration, web application development (HTML5 / CSS / JS / SVG), relational databases (especially MySQL), and increasingly, digital electronics, particularly with respect to the new breed of cheap, low-power, flash-based microcontrollers. Whilst I’m not fond of the name “internet of Things”, I love how we are increasingly able to bring smart behaviour to everyday appliances and devices.
For my full CV, please see my LinkedIn profile.

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Just like to say thanks for putting this info online. I’ve followed your LCD tutorial (http://pmb.neongrit.net/blog/?p=64) and it was just what a beginner like myself needed to get going.
I hope you don’t mind me making a clone of your code, I’ve kept it identical to your original and added references to your site from my main GitHub readme:
Here’s me following your work:
I intend to write the same code in Python just to give myself an idea of the differences.
Thanks again for taking the time out to help us noobs!

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